SSP: Enrichment for Curious or Confused Minds

Students and staff respond positively to this year's enrichment period

The morning bell rings to dismiss all of the students’ fun and to return to their assigned classrooms to perform productively. The students enter their classroom and begin working diligently on a timed test; the classroom grows silent as students begin working. “One more minute on the test, wrap it up”, the teacher announces to the very few who are still working. Under those circumstances, the individuals panicked and grew anxious, due to their limited time; as a result, some begged and pleaded for more time but the teacher refused because she had to execute another lesson. “This isn’t fair,” one student demanded. The teacher responded, “Perhaps for those who haven’t completed the test can stay for SSP to finish,” and then proceeds on with her lesson.

SSP provides a great moment for enrichment and usually holds a full house of kids who want to enhance their grades.

A geometry teacher, Mrs. Aguirre, referred to SSP as “a smaller environment with one-on-one tutoring that helps the troubled students get their specific questions answered thoroughly.” That is to say, “For students who actually utilize the period.” Mrs. Greco, proclaimed “It’s the perfect way to provide individual assistance”. 

Numerous teachers responded about SSP in such a positive manner: busy, calm, quiet, focused, efficient, impactful, amusing, and the main characteristic I always received was very productive! 

Sophomore Tiffany Carter responded to the idea of SSP by saying, “It’s working more efficiently because we have a choice to attend, whereas SRT was forced and barely any productivity was being performed.”

SSP is a great way for students to focus on things that they need and more than anything and its easier to get one on one instruction without the craziness of a normal class period.