RCHS Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night '15 a showcase for students

At Rich Central we have an annual Open Mic Showcase sponsored by the Student Council. It was held this last January in the Little Theater.

“It’s not a traditional open mic because we take from about 10-20 auditions for acts,” said Ms. Gregor. Open Mic is when people from around the school come and express their talents and have fun.

Ms. Gregor expressed that open mic night is when students who sing, rap, or even play the piano; anything that has to do with a microphone. Teens love it when they see their peers perform. The attention is now fully on the students.

“Teachers have preformed in the past but we like to let the children preform,” said Ms. Gregor. If teachers had a talent show, would you go? Usually, teens like to see their teachers preform, only because they see them doing something other than teaching.