Snapchat: Is it more dangerous than Instagram?

When Instagram first started to become more popular, new apps began to develop.  As time went on and many apps tried to create that same “Insta-image” by putting certain types of features from the Instagram app onto their websites.

Time continued to pass and developers tried to think of something better than the Instagram app. Since everyone reinvented their websites and most apps changed theirs like the Instagram app.

The Snapchat app was made and changed the “picture-perfect” world we live in today. Snapchat is a perfect picture taking app, to snap your friends quick videos and picture messages. The pictures and videos that you post can have a filter added to it, especially the new filters that change your face to certain characters like the “dog” filter. When making a video, there are features on there that can speed up the video, slow it down, or put it in rewind. The Snapchat app has developed tremendously and has even become bigger than the Instagram app.

Instagram app includes features that allow you to keep your page private from different people. The app also allows you to block and report people from your page that are spamming or doing anything that should not be done in the app.

Snapchat has some of the same features of Instagram. It has features that allow you to block and report people and It has a feature where you can block someone from viewing your snap story.

The Snapchat app has a feature on it that Instagram does not. The Snapchat app allows you to see who screenshots your pictures and videos and it shows who saves conversations in the chat part of the app.

What if you are posting your whole life on Instagram? How will you know if someone else in this world is also posting your whole entire life? The Snapchat features that allow you to see who screenshot you was an excellent way of stopping cat-fishing.