Black Dominance

Thousands of black lives are taken every day. Innocent people are slaughtered, blood is spilled, and families torn apart both by policemen, and black people themselves, all because we are afraid to understand one another, and the incapability of acceptance, love, kindness, and patience that we all as people need to change.

The angry jaws of the gun opens; it snaps and spits out its venom. Chains and shackles are around our brains and are restraining our hearts. Imprisoned and enslaved by our own thoughts, ideas, and actions, we do to each other on a daily basis what we are taught is safe. We mentally kill one another when we fight and throw darts at each other with our minds, which is a way more powerful weapon than any gun.

Hate and confusion have no color.

We can stop this madness towards each other, by simple things such as stopping the violence before it gets out of hand, solving the problem by talking it out, and if that avails to nothing, walk away. Treat your neighbor as you would want to be treated.

The last thing we want is to hurt, kill, and put down each other; especially after all of the loss and mourning we have all had to witness and experience in this day and age. If we treat each other the way we are suppose to be treated, then death and violence will decrease. Let’s start showering each other with love, because right now we are all drowning in an ocean of grief.

Without love and compassion, we are lost. We must come together as a group because as black queens and kings we need to be loving of each other. It is possible for us to be a race of love and compassion and without each other, we’re dragged down. We have come through the troubles of slavery just to be brought back into slavery with each other.

Be a leader. Be the voice of a generation, because we are all black kings and queens.