My Opinion: 20L6

The year of 2016 was a complete fail and just a walking L for everyone.

New trends, elections, deaths, and disasters all over Twitter were just apart of the L that 2016 threw at America. As I don’t speak for everyone, there are a million and one things that need to stay behind, and should not be brought up ever again.

Lets start with Harambe, this gorilla needs to stay behind and be completely forgotten. The fact that America as a unit almost made a dead gorilla president was ridiculous, and it had no logic behind it what so ever. So was dead gorilla suppose to come back to life and run America for four years? Can someone please explain because I do not understand it.

Next please leave beauty hacks behind. Women were using food, spoons, shoes, and other objects as hair and make-up supplies. Is it that hard to go to the store and buy more hair and make-up supplies? Do they not realize the food they used as make-up could have been my lunch for the day? Beauty hacks are honestly just a waste of time, and I would really appreciate it if people stop using hotdogs to curl their hair.

In addition to those L’s, lets leave the clowns behind and I think everyone agrees with that. The whole killer clown thing was not anyone’s cup of tea, and we should not be worried that a clown is going to be outside our door trying to kill us.

Not only that, the bottle flip challenge, mannequin challenge, and any other challenge in that matter should be left behind. Why should I worry about being able to flip a bottle right side up or if I can stand still for a period of time? Don’t get me wrong the challenges are fun but it wouldn’t hurt if they were forgotten about.

Lastly and may I say this was the biggest L America has ever received in the history of L’s is Donald Trump being our future president. Now we do know sadly that he is coming to 2017, and we can’t do much about it. Now if we could do something about it trust and believe Trump would stay in 2016, and no one would dare bring that man up. As you can see 2016 was not with the people, and 2016 decided to be an angry ball of L’s.