Original Poetry: Is This What Heaven Looks Like?

Is This What Heaven Looks Like?

Tears from the salted sea washed over her feet as she stared out into the horizon.

Countless nights and early mornings were spent here, reminiscing.

She smiled as the sky watched over the sea, the waves a somber ripple among the comfort of the sky.

The horizon stretched across the sky, seagulls squawking as they blended in with the vivid colors of the sky.

Toes curled in the sand, brown eyes dripping with gleam under the suns heated gaze.
“Hayden?” a warm breath tickled her neck.

“What are you doing? You’ve been standing there forever.”

The waves were crawling gently to the shore, she threw a glance over her shoulder.

“Oh nothing,” she turned back to the seaside. “Just watching the sea.”

A smile hid behind her lips as the sun winked at her before disappearing behind the clouds.