Central’s Rule Book

Central's Rule Book

Central’s Rule Book

1. Be nice to your teachers and they’ll be nice when it comes to curving your grade.

2. Watching a fight might be fun, but getting suspended for having it on your phone isn’t.

3. Keep your priorities straight and there shouldn’t be any kinks or surprises in your path.

4. Friends don’t last forever, but most of those grades in Powerschool do.

5. Taking a few L’s is okay.

6. Taking every L possible is not okay.

7. ISS is a great place to catch up in most of your classes, and you’ll probably have time for a nap.

8. SSP is also a great place to catch up on work or take a nap.

9. Gym is an easy A. Don’t waste that A.

10. Khan Academy is great for classes like math and chemistry.

11. You should do the reading in your English class.

12. If you don’t do the work, you WILL take an L.

13. Not being okay is okay sometimes.

14. If you’re not okay all of the time, see the school’s psychologist.

15. If you’re not sure about what to do next, ask someone who knows you best.

16. Snowball is great, especially if you need a break from school.

17. Keep calm.

18. You got this.


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