Kneeling Against Injustice

If you have been keeping up with the news, then you would know that Colin Kaepernick, an ex-quarterback, is getting blackballed out of the NFL league: however, what you may not know is why this is happening to him.

The NFL is a football league with 32 owners: most of whom are white men. So, when Kaepernick made that faithful decision to kneel while the other players and spectators around him stood, these owners did not properly understand his motives because they are not aware of the struggle that African-Americans face. Though some people may interpret his decision to kneel while the national anthem was playing as unpatriotic and disrespectful to veterans and previous generations of Americans, Kaepernick kneeled for a cause. Feeling that the recent incidences of police brutality against black citizens were too monumental to ignore, he decided that he was not going to quiet his voice and stayed true to what he believed in. Because of his other acts of service and activism outside of football, has won numerous awards and acclamations. Contrary to the picture painted by various conservatives, Colin Kaepernick is not simply a player that is “misbehaving”. Instead, he is just a passionate man who is willing to sacrifice playing football, a game he lives and dies for, in order to further his cause.

There are 32 teams in the NFL league, each with their own quarterback. However, out of all of these teams’ quarterbacks, Colin Kaepernick consistently reigns supreme. Considering this, the fact that owners are willing to pass up the chance to take on such a competitive quarterback is shocking. Kaepernick has not only led a team to the Super Bowl but is also on his way to achieving 444 total yards in his first postseason start. It’s like the touchdowns are constantly calling his name. The following season he led the 49ers, one of the 32 teams in the league, to the

NFC championship game. Despite the fact that he lost, he accomplished what most quarterbacks never experience during their entire careers.

Two years ago, the NFL teams would be scrambling to take on such an impressive player. Two years ago, when people saw him playing on their TV screens, they excitedly watched from their couches, knowing that he was a big play waiting to happen. Two years later, no NFL team would dare to take someone as controversial as Kaepernick. As a black person, the fact that vocalizing your opinions can lead to the destruction of your social and professional life is absolutely terrifying.

The NFL needs to deal with this problem immediately because black people should not be barred from speaking their minds. Since the NFL boasts such a huge platform, they can help alleviate this situation by speaking out in support of displays of freedom and protests. However, this is highly unlikely because the 32 owners of the NFL league want their players to be simple pawns, remaining quiet in the face of turmoil and injustice. Because of this, these owners’ claims that their decision to stay away from Kaepernick is purely based on football is hard to believe. As we can see, it is very obvious that Colin Kaepernick is one of the most gifted and skilled quarterbacks in the league, which leads me to the question: is the issue with Kaepernick’s playing ability or his message?