Shows You Should Be Watching- Stranger Things

Since it’s now October I thought I’d be kind and do a TV show review on something… creepy…and it just so happens this something creepy, and amazing, will be have it’s season premiere ON Halloween.
Yup, that’s right I’m talking about Stranger Things Season 2.

Now it might seem a little confusing if you haven’t watched the first season. I highly recommend a binge watch over the next couple of weeks (in other words, WATCH IT or you’ll be missing out on all things great in the world).

From Steven Spielberg, to Stephen King, to anything 80s, this shows got it. If you’re a nerd, like me, you’ll fall in love with it, especially the character of Dustin “Toothless” Henderson. There are some flaws worth pointing out, especially with the parent(s)/adults. For example, Mike’s mother, Karen Wheeler, are completely clueless about what was going on in their children’s lives. Then again there is some parent(s), like Joyce, where you just want to take them home and hide them in your homemade Indian teepee in your basement (you’ll get it if you watched).

The series is directed at a mature audience and those who have a deep understanding and ability to separate fact from fiction quickly. Another must is an interest and knowledge of the complexity of human relationships.

If you’re looking for a TV show with great family morals, you won’t find it here, but hey, as we all know most shows don’t pride themselves on that anyway! There is however, some ethical behavior in the form of courage, friendship, hope, love, commitment, childlike innocence, forgiveness, general kindness, and understanding.

I highly recommend this show for anyone who’s into paranormal, horror and pure entertainment!