Original Poetry- Endless

Scarlet got up off the cold stone floor. She had no idea how she got there. All she knew was in need of warmth and had raging headache. Like a drum beating her head in.
She blinked a few times, trying to increase her visibility, but her efforts were in vain. All she could see was an inky blackness, as if all of the world’s light sources had been snuffed out.
Her fingers and toes were going numb, and there was nothing else to do, so she walked.
As her shoes clacked on the floor, echoing throughout her location. She soon noticed another presence.
A guttural noise emitted from behind her. Her steps disturbing it. Adrenaline rushed to her heart, as fear enveloped her.
A growl from an animal.
She sat to remove her high heels, and left them to continue on.
But no.
More growling occurred. She was as quite as a mouse, but yet and still she was disturbing the animal. She was too afraid to even look back.
The growls got more intense and closer even though she hadn’t moved. Only one instinct came to aid her.
She ran forward for she knew not where to go. She panted as the beast’s breath was much louder than her own. Her heart was pounding faster than she could ever imagine.
The beast seemed to get closer even though she ran with all her might. Scarlet was pushed by the beast and slid forward. She looked at her attacker as she had met her fate, and all she could see was green glowing eyes. It was about to pounce upon her, but luck was in her favor. She slid far enough to fall down a hole, down and away from the beast. She was knocked unconscious.
Scarlet got up off the cold stone floor. She had no idea how she got there.