And Where Was He?

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And Where Was He?

What comes down goes up,

but what went up never returned.

You smooth-talked me into your fire but

deserted when I got burned

and yet everyone still talks about you,

telling stories and testaments,

raising your name on high

and I don’t believe them because to me it all seems like

a convoluted lie.

Where were you when you were needed?

They say you’re all seeing,

A powerful being,

but did you see the tears and hear me pleading?

Where were you when I was weak?

I cried your name out desperately,

completely vulnerable on my knees,

the world weighing down on me.

Yet all I got was silence.

I asked myself, “What’s wrong, am I too quiet when singing your songs?”

Or maybe I didn’t give you enough money

Or give away enough of myself.

Is it just me, or is our devotion misplaced?

Am I only one who doesn’t feel anything

But empty space?

Why should I kneel and cry and sacrifice my life?

Maybe he was alive and just died.

So, here we all are,

Hurling our fists and cursing at the sky,

that will never answer.

Where is he?

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