In Sickness & In Health

The eerie cherubs that I see in the blood red windows
they aggressively speak of God through me
when I am drugged…when I am sick,
with this thick layer of hue blues
that seem to glisten in the reflection of my own mistakes.

I get up for her and all her beauty
her lush green hills, her frolicking acne that grows full in spring
Much like a teen, maybe this leans toward the real reason,
why spring time is the existential depressing season?

The sweet birds take my attention away
from the stains my tired flesh has endured by my own mental being
the sweet metal that drops out of it’s friendly components
Now dances with the devil,
but there God goes again, with his cherubs and with the JULY SIRENS
I am whisked away, I am left alive.

I finally realize my ever-lasting love
who calls me outside, surrounds me with her vivid light
My heart breaks as I fall to my knees
I have made a discovery through God
Who now smiles at me, as we take in what he has given me.
My Gaia, my home
madre naturalza.