Catch your breath and look around, America’s sublime
And even if you disagree, I’m sure I’ll change your mind
Now while you’re in a land so free, you hardly know its worth
There are many others less fortunate in a literal hell on earth.

There are kids from different countries right now, dying of malaria
While Kim Jong un is out there spreading lies and mass hysteria
And you all are a little pissy because Donald Trump is scaring ya
But really, is it all that bad to be living in America?

India is prejudice and is forced inside a class
And Asia’s pollution is so bad, they’re forced to wear a mask
Now if you were in the 3rd world I bet you would make due
They work so hard their entire lives to afford that second shoe

Now sure our country is not the best, but it’s certainly not restraining
So maybe you should be more grateful and learn to stop complaining