Get your head in the game, concentrate on your work, don’t play around, have fun while you’re young, don’t have too much fun, if you have too much fun then you’ll fall behind, if you fall behind then you’ll need to get back up there, you don’t want to have to start all over because of one mistake, you know what-do your homework, always ask for help, you know what- do your chores, don’t forget to do your chores, don’t slack off; but I don’t slack off; your mental health is important, take time off, think about yourself sometimes, be all about your work, your future, and where it’ll take you; did you do your chores, you can’t forget about your chores; I don’t; you know what-clean your room while you’re at it, don’t forget about your chores, make sure you add ‘take the dog for a walk’ while you’re at it, you can’t forget about your homework; did you eat, if you didn’t eat that’s ok eat next time, if you forget to eat, then you’ll need to think about eating for the next time; participate, get yourself out there, you need to make yourself some friends; I don’t need friends; you know what will happen if you don’t make friends, people will consider you a loner, don’t be a loner than you’ll be a freak; what if I’m ok with that?; Make sure you take in other people’s feeling, be a good person, you don’t want to be a bitch do you; stick up for yourself, listen- if someone messes with you then you do something about it, make sure when you do something about it, it doesn’t jeopardize your future, don’t make me look bad, I brought you up well, so you make well to show that; ok; are you feeling ok?, let me know, I can whip something up quick to help you with that, pay attention you need to know this for the future, I can’t take care of you all the time, I won’t be there in the future, do you need to take a day off? I feel as if you’re not listening, you do right and pay attention when someone is talking to you, there are things you need to know of for this world, I want you to grow, I want you to be prepared, I want you to succeed, I want you to be the best, YOU, don’t go hanging out with those weird kids, I don’t want you to end up doing crack or any other drugs, you can’t do drugs, they’ll drag you into that mess and I don’t know if I can take that; you; If you do that stuff than you have failed me and you have failed this family, I know you have what it takes when it comes to being the best after all-i do gloat about you, you make sure that you earned that spotlight; ok; I push you for a reason, remember that, remember everyone is unique just like everyone else, but you can be remarkable; have you looked into any jobs yet?; that time is coming soon; you looked into any colleges yet?; That time is coming soon; you should takes some risks and get out there, I was talking to one of my friends and her kids are out there- be more like them, you know who else you should be more like, your older siblings; if you ever find yourself in trouble, I’ll be right there telling you “I told you so”, because I know you’ll be in trouble because of those weird kids, you know what- just don’t hang out with those weird kids they’re nothing but trouble , instead do your homework, do your chores, put yourself out there, but not too out there, you’ll change who you really are and disappoint me, don’t disappoint me; ok; I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you; don’t pay attention to what you see on tv these days, what you see on film is different from the real world, they don’t portray things how they used to portray them, did you watch the news lately-this society is so fucked up people are getting away with just about anything, I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you, I want you to be the best, don’t play around, ok; education will get you far in life, don’t let these weird kids slow you down, if they are to slow you down, you get help, and concentrate on your work, get your head in the game. Ok.