Album Review: Billie Eilish WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP

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Album Review: Billie Eilish WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP

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Raised and homeschooled in Los Angeles, California, 17 year old singer and songwriter, Billie Eilish began exploring the world of minimalistic and realistic pop/alternative music. Her greatest influences are Tyler The Creator Earl, Sweatshirt, and Lana Del Ray. With her first album release in 2017, titled Don’t Smile at Me, Eilish peaked at #10 on the top charts. Billie Eilish seems to be taking the music and fashion industry by storm with her unique style and soul warming music.


Eilish is often known as a very playful character that usually isn’t on display in her music, although she makes an exception with her intro titled “!!!!!” Eilish begins with a sound effect as she removes her Invisalign and gives us an announcement that her album is ready. The second track on the album titled “Bad Guy” – which is ¼ fan favorite – begins with an up-tempo rock like beat, giving off a party vibe. This song is probably the catchiest – hence the popularity. Track 3 “You Should See Me in a Crown” first released as a single with a very dark and unique music video achieving a lot of coverage for the overall message. The last 3 most popular songs “Wish You Were Gay”, “When the Party’s Over,” and “Bury a Friend” all seem to convey the same message of rejection from her potential love interest. The overall theme of this album feels as if it’s a one-sided love story, a sense of wanting something you can’t have, heartbreak, and a hint of humor. Eilish is trying to let out her feelings for this person in songs such as “Xanny,” where she alludes to the fact that nothing will change the way she feels about them and also in “When the Party’s Over,” where she knows she is no good for this person but still continues to chase after them anyway. The artist’s emotion is clearly on display when she is singing from a place of vulnerability in lyrics such as “I know you don’t care but can you listen?/ Wore my heart out on a chain and now it’s missing” (Track 8) and “You are my strange addiction, my doctors can’t explain/My only symptom’s only pain” (Track 9). Most albums I’ve heard in the alternative genre seem to have a common trend, which is Heartbreak. This album is very relatable and personable. It is most definitely in the top 5 albums in the Alternative genre.

Overall Score: 10/10

I would recommend to any age. There will be something on this album that appeals to everyone.

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