Skip It or Watch It: The Order on Netflix

The Netflix show The Order is a super-natural TV show that involves witches, werewolves, spells, transformation, and more. Between the drama, the laughter, and the excitement, The Order is an all-around show to enjoy. With the main character Jack Morton (Jake Manley), a college freshman obsessed with joining the blue rose, a secret society at Belgrave University. Jack and his grandpa Pete Morton (Matt Frewer) believe the blue rose is an opportunity to get revenge for the death of Pete’s daughter and Jack’s mother. They both think that this secret society is the key to the mystery behind Jack’s mother’s death. As Jack is on the verge of getting what he wants a plot twist comes into play. This plot twist at first is something he doesn’t want any part of. All I will say is he is a double agent. Guess you will have to watch and see for yourself. As this is all going on, he meets this girl Alyssa Drake (Sarah Grey). Of course, this introduces your typical boy meets girl story line. The TV show The Order has a lot going on at once. This isn’t a show where you can do other things and still know what is happening. However, the show overall is a really enticing, and I think with the drama, romance, and supernatural elements in it are amazing. Everything is not as it seems. No, I don’t think this is one of those shows that have a deeper meaning, but you will most definitely have an urge to finish and binge watch. The show ends season 1 on a jaw dropping note with season 2 coming out in 2020. I will definitely be tuning in. Will you be under a magical spell with The Order?