Jordan Peele’s “Us” movie: An Amazingly Mind-blowing Concept (SPOILER ALERT)

Making its world premiere on March 22nd of 2019, Jordan Peele’s new movie Us has many people leaving the theaters puzzled, including me. The movie Us is a horror/ mystery movie that comes from the same makers of the similarly mysterious movie, Get Out. It is based on an African American family that goes on a vacation. Adelaide, the protagonist and the mother, goes through a childhood trauma that eventually comes back to haunt her in her older years. She ends up wandering into a house of mirrors and meets her clone, only to be taken away and forced to live the life of her clone. The movie is based on the emergence of all the character’s doppelgangers or evil twins coming back to kill them. It is also based on the original mother leading the people they call “tethered” as revenge for her doppelganger stealing her life. My take on it? This movie was amazingly thoughtful and well planned out. The plot is so intricate that no one else would have thought of making a movie based on these events. Even though the movie may leave you frightened, it will also leave you thinking deeper about our country and life. I personally feel that a movie is only good if the viewer takes away something from it. Personally, I took away many conspiracy theories about America. This included the government’s use of cloning and many other things. Not only that, the ending introduced such a twist that it left viewers trying to put two and two together. Everything that viewers were thinking got completely misconstrued by the end of the movie. Not one time was I not entertained while watching this movie. The movie has so much suspense that you are afraid to see what will happen next, but you also cannot take your eyes off of it. If you didn’t feel something or think something while watching this movie, you are clearly not intellectual enough for Jordan Peele.