The NBA playoffs are finally here and are coming with a surprisingly underrated amount of good series. To start, in the West we have the #1 Warriors up against #8 Clippers, #4 Rockets up against #5 Jazz, #3 Trail Blazers up against #6 Thunder, and #2 Nuggets up against #7 Spurs. Now here are my predictions for the Western Conference: the Warriors will beat the Clippers sweeping them in just 4 games. The Rockets will beat the Jazz winning the series 4 to 2. The Thunder will beat the Trail Blazers 4 to 3. The Nuggets will beat the Spurs 4 to 1. Round 2, the Warriors will play the Rockets and I am making a bold prediction that Rockets will beat the Warriors 4 to 3. The Thunder will be up against the Nuggets, and the Nuggets will beat the Thunder 4 to 3 as well. Now, before we get into the fascinating part of the playoffs let’s head over to the Eastern Conference. In the East we have the #1 Bucks up against #8 Pistons, #4 Celtics up against #5 Pacers, #3 76ers up against #6 Nets, and #2 Raptors up against #7 Magic. Now here are my predictions for the Eastern Conference: the Bucks will beat the Pistons in a 4- 0 game sweep. The Celtics will beat the Pacers 4 to 2. The 76ers will beat the Nets 4 to 3. The Raptors will beat the Magic 4 to 2. In the second round, the Celtics will beat the Bucks 4 to 3. The Raptors will beat the 76ers 4 to 2. Now for what we’ve all been waiting for, what team will be the new NBA champions? In the Western Conference we have two high scoring teams. The Nuggets are having one of the greatest seasons we have seen in a long time, having 6 players averaging double figures led by Gary Harris who averages 20 points per game. However, at the same time, the Rockets have nearly 8 players who are averaging double figures led by James Harden who averages 36.1 points per game. This series will come down to who can get the most stops on the defensive end, and the team that will come out on top is the Rockets, taking the series 4 to 2. In the East we have the Celtics up against the Raptors. If the Celtics can make it

this far, they will beat the Raptors 4 to 3. Last year, their season was ended by Lebron and the Cavs in the Eastern Conference finals, and they will not let that happen two years in a row. Finally, the NBA championship is now here, the Boston Celtics vs. the Houston Rockets. This is unlike what we are used to watching in the Finals, the Warriors and the Cavs. My prediction for the 2019 NBA Championship is that the Houston Rockets will come out victorious in a seven-game series over the Celtics.