[Redacted]-Man, [Redacted]-Man, Does Whatever a Spider can…

With Spider-man’s recent split from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), it’s easy to place the blame solely on Sony. After all, they were the ones who chickened out when Disney proposed some new ideas that would improve their company’s profits. All Disney wanted to do was make 50% of the profit from the movies instead of 5%. That’s not really a big jump. After all, Disney put in so much effort into Spider-man’s solo films such as: having Sony make them, advertise for them, and do basically all the work. Sony should have been grateful. After all, Disney took care of the hard part for them – collecting 100% of the profits on the merchandise for a character that they didn’t own and take most of the credit for his success.

Isn’t Disney so generous for offering to take on such a burden? Isn’t Disney so brave for fighting for the money they rightfully deserve? Isn’t Disney so wise for finding a way to paint the split as Sony’s fault? Isn’t Disney so cunning for letting Sony take the blame for their greed? Disney isn’t dumb; it’s so easy to fool people when they’re already fooling themselves, and Marvel fans are the biggest fools of them all. Yes, you dear Spidey fan, who rushed to your favorite hero’s defense like a moth dashes towards a flame, have been played. Your childhood memories of a little Bo Peep have clouded you from seeing the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Disney does not care about its fans. When they saw that they were not exploiting the Spider-man franchise like they had literally every other franchise they could get their grubby little hands on, they decided to pressure Sony into giving up their monetary rights. Unlike all the other companies that Disney has devoured, Sony actually has a spine. They refused to give in to Disney’s greed, got a divorce, and took the kids with them. So, being the spiteful little tart that they are, Disney let Sony take all the blame while painting themselves in a positive light. Disney is a company that runs on corruption. As a fan, you cannot let yourself fall to their propaganda. Disney already owns about 26% of the film industry already, why let them take more? The Spider-man debacle was an attempt by Disney to expand their monopoly. This is Disney’s only goal. We must not let ourselves become Disney’s cattle. If we keep falling for Disney’s tricks, they will successfully monopolize the movie industry. If they successfully monopolize the movie industry, every movie we see will become propaganda. If every movie we see becomes propaganda, the government can control us easier. If the government can control us easier, then we will become dumber than sloths. Don’t become dumber than a sloth. Stop Disney from trying to take over the world.