The Apocalypse

The Apocalypse

This short story we be released in chapters.  

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Seven’s POV

Just like every other day, my day started off with my sister and I sitting in our shared room. I was on my laptop playing video games, and my sister was taking a nap. After playing my last round, I took off my headset. As I sat on my bed, all I could hear was an uneasy silence. Now this kind of silence wasn’t just the silence of a quiet day, it was an unsettling silence, like something was wrong. Normally you could hear cars driving by, or kids outside playing, or even a dog barking. However, none of those sounds could be heard – just silence. I’m not sure what it is, but something was off about today; outside was too quiet.

‘‘Quincy wake up!’’ I yelled trying to wake my sister at first. She didn’t wake up, but eventually she rolled over and looked at me

‘‘What?’’ She was obviously annoyed that I woke her up.

‘‘Get up and listen,’’ I said, trying to get her to understand why I woke her up. With a groan, she slowly sat up.

‘‘I don’t hear anything,” she stated.

Just then without any warning, a loud crash came from in front of the house followed by a few screams. As we heard the screams, the two of us ran downstairs to the door so see what had happened. As I opened the door, we saw people running and screaming. Some people fell and got trampled, while others were pushing those in front

of them to get past. As we walked down the lawn, we could see where the crash had come from. In front of our neighbor’s house, there was a car that had crashed into a light pole, and the pole had fallen on top of another car. As we were standing there in confusion, I noticed two men running up to us.

‘‘Why are you two just standing there?’’ One of the men asked. Looking at his face, he looked like he had just witnessed a murder.

‘‘What do you mean ‘why you are standing there?’’ What’s going on?’’ Quincy asked clearly confused on the situation.

The man and his friend then understood that we didn’t know why everyone was in a panic. As they continue to talk to us, I noticed someone or something limping up from behind the two men.

‘‘What’s that?’’ I asked trying to see what it was.

One of them quickly turned around to see what I was looking at. ‘‘We need go now; we’ll finish explaining later.’’ After saying that, the two men grabbed us and started running as fast as they could go. ‘‘We need get to my family’s’ farm just outside of town. We should be safe there for the time being.’’ And with that, we started making our way out of the busy town.