Abduction Destruction

It’s a warm summer’s day in a small town. School has just ended and everyone is out of town for summer break. The sun is shining out of the clouds, birds are chirping in their nests, and all is well. Meanwhile, a 16 year old girl is walking alone in a neighborhood far from her home. With her headphones in, listening to Chris Brown’s new album, she smiles thinking about all the things she has planned for break. Her birthday is coming up and her family is planning to take her to Disney World. As her thoughts wonder, she looks down at a text she receives from her best friend. As she texts back her friend, she feels a presence behind her. The moment she looks up, she’s being attacked by a large, strong man. She struggles to fight him off (dropping her phone in the process) by scratching him, punching him, and kicking him, but nothing seems to work. She cries for help, but no one is around to hear her cries. Next thing she knows, she’s bound by her wrists, trapped in his dark and hot trunk. Her worst fears had come true; she’s been abducted. The young girl is suddenly woken up by cold hands touching her. His hands are rough, as a rough as sandpaper, at least that’s what it felt like to her. She tries to scream, but her screams are stopped by a gagging object. She looks around at her surroundings, the room is dark, cold, and infested with whatever pests that you can think of or name. With this man still on top of her, she realizes that she’s all alone. No one but God knows where she is, or if she’s even missing. When he finishes with her and leaves, she’s an iceberg, frozen with fear, frozen with pain, frozen with helplessness, frozen with shock. This is how she will live for days, with no one to love her and hold her heart. Days soon pass and her abductor comes down to see her curled up like a baby in the womb, cold and miserable. He shows her Fox News, which is broadcasting her missing person’s case. She sees her picture on the screen, showing how optimistic she looked. 

She was such a carefree teen, not worried about anything or anyone. The news then shows her mother crying on TV, speaking about her daughter being missing for the past week. Her mother looks at the camera, pleading that she comes back home or that whoever has her in their hands, let her go. The girl breaks down, feeling the pain her mother must have felt when she found that she was missing. As she cries a waterfall, her abductor interrupts, saying that no one wants to look for her, and if they really wanted to find her, they would’ve found her already. Those words pierced her soul and crushed her heart into pieces. She thought, “Maybe he’s right, maybe they don’t want to find me. Pleading on camera won’t help anything…” With that, her abductor leaves her again. 

It’s been an hour since his daughter has been gone with no words from her. He told her to contact him when she was gone for too long. He told her that if she didn’t do that, she’d be in big trouble. So maybe this was an act of rebellion? Or maybe she had just forgotten? Either way, he started to get worried. Hours pass by and both her father and mother are worried out of their minds. It had been too long, and they finally decide to call 911. Soon enough they were talking to detectives, talking to police, talking to news reporters. They went on searches to find her, wherever she might be. They asked their daughter’s friend, who had texted her when she was out all alone, if she knew where she had gone. Obviously, she doesn’t know and this builds on to their worries. Time is running out, and pressure is crushing her parents like a rock. Anybody could be holding her captive and hidden away in a secret spot. Devastation and stress are taking over.  The phone rings and intuition was already telling her mother that it was detectives calling the house. A detective speaks and tells the mother that they had found their daughter, but she wasn’t alive. They had found her precious body dumped in the woods with strangulation marks around her neck and bruises on her arms. She was dead; it was official. The detective tried to call her mother’s name, but she wouldn’t answer. She was frozen, as frozen as her daughter was after her attack and everything turned red. Blood was rushing through her body and tears welled up in her eyes. But not only were her tears flooding, her emotions were too and she couldn’t help but to let them all out in agony. She would never see her daughter again, and her daughter would never see her again. 

What you have heard or read, happens way too many times to count. An innocent girl or boy is snatched by a stranger when they didn’t even see it coming. One moment you could be free and then in a flash you can be taken away and/or dead. The girl here was not paying attention to anything. She had her headphones in, her head down, and in an unfamiliar area. It wasn’t until the last minute that she finally looked up, but it was already too late. You may know that abduction happens commonly, but did you know that every 40 seconds a child goes missing in the US? There are more than 460,000 missing children every year. Abduction doesn’t just happen once in a blue moon. When someone is abducted, a lot of the times it is by someone they know, even family. Or sometimes it’s a random person on the street. But, no one knows who is or who isn’t a kidnapper because they don’t look like monsters. They look like ordinary people, putting on a fake mask to make you think they won’t do any harm. So watch out, watch your surroundings, and don’t trust anyone you meet on the street. When you watch your surroundings, a potential abductor won’t go after you. They will usually go after an easy target, someone who doesn’t see them coming. Abductors won’t stop what they do, so your job is to stay safe. If you don’t, you will be snatched up by an abductor so fast, your life will flash before your eyes. So when you go outside, be careful because you don’t know what could be lurking around the corner.