Terry Faces the Fury!

Terry Faces the Fury!

On November 6, 2019, Terry Bogard was released alongside version 6.0.0. Arenas have been changed to allow for “elite only,” for those who want to play against other in Elite Smash.  It is possible to post messages in arenas (albeit they’re preset). However, the main thing avid players are looking at are the patches to characters and the newest character, Terry Bogard.

Donkey Kong, Kirby, Jigglypuff, Robin, King K. Rool, Incineroar, and Hero have all gotten some changes, the most minor of which is Hero’s, Kafrizzle, which can’t be pocketed or pulled in with Rosalina & Luma’s gravitational pull any longer, specifically after it hits another character or wall. This patch is especially interesting, because there are not any character nerfs, only buffs to low and mid-tiers. The two characters the buffs have affected significantly are Jigglypuff and Donkey Kong. DK’s side tilt has much more kill power, neutral air is faster and has more kill power, and his specials are overall better, leading to down special combos. Jigglypuff has jumped up many people’s tier list because of her buffs. She now has rest confirms from pound and down air and that primarily has greatly affected her combo potential.

Terry Bogard is the new addition to the Super Smash Brothers series, and he is extremely fun. I personally have never has so much funny labbing in training mode. If you have not already bought him, I highly suggest you do so.

Now, seeing as how not much time has passed since release, I can’t accurately gauge his tier, but I would place him in middle/high-tier. Terry has many kill confirms that can kill really early. Terry also has a gimmick, for when he is to 100% he gets “GO,” allowing him to use the insanely powerful moves, Power Geyser and Buster Wolf. These two can kill at very early, but because of his low weight, he can die very early as well. He has confirms into each move and a combo called the “Vibe Check,” exploded on Twitter soon after release.

Overall, Terry and version 6.0.0 were great and much needed additions into smash, and the direction that was taken with buffing characters is a great highlight to see.

I highly recommend that you purchase DLC Pack 4 and tune in next time to see my review on more games!