RCHS Locker Issues

Is the ban still in effect?


Torch Staff

Students walk past a bank of lockers during a class period.

A locker ban policy has been introduced at Rich Central High School for 2013-14 school year. This policy allows students to only go to their locker only a handful of times each day: before first period, third period, fifth (or 5x) period, and after school is over.

Principal Woods, who introduced the new policy, stated, “The policy was put into effect in order to get students to be more organized and for safety precautions.” Quite a few students at Rich Central, though, have decided not to follow this policy because they don’t see the reasoning behind it.

This policy has evoked many responses from students of all grades. A junior at Rich Central stated, “I don’t see the point in having this because it only makes being prepared for class harder.”

Many sophomores agree with the upperclassmen and have said that they don’t plan to follow it because they don’t see a point in having the policy in the first place.

Students disobeying the new policy could cause a change in it. According to Dean Fisher, the locker policy may be more strongly enforced in the second semester. This is likely to happen because Principal Woods also believes that the locker policy should be more strictly enforced.

Since many students don’t follow the policy, they don’t believe it is still in effect. However, students that are having a hard time of breaking old locker habits might want to change them because Principal Woods has confirmed that the ban is still in effect.