ID Pictures: Why don’t they grow up, too?

Students grow older, so why don’t ID pictures change with them?

An ongoing issue for returning students at Rich Central High School is the fact that ID pictures do not change from year to year.

Principal Woods says that students do not change ID pictures every year due to the cost.  She states, “Pictures don’t change yearly mainly because of the cost.  It would be too expensive to take new pictures every year.”

Dean Fisher comments on the larger issue: “This could be a safety issue because the purpose of an ID is to identify the student, and it would be better if the student looks like the picture on the ID.”

Students and teachers that The Torch has interviewed agree with Dean Fisher.  They feel as though their appearance changes should be apparent on their IDs.

Mr. Westmoreland tells of how he has had the same ID for six years.  “I would not mind getting a new ID,” he says, “but I have not changed as much as the students will in their high school career.”

Now that we have heard the comments from the administrators the big question is: Will this policy change?

When asked Principal Woods states, “I would consider changing it in the future.”

Dean Fisher believes that “juniors and seniors should be asked if they want to keep their freshman year pictures.  There should be an option.”

When asked their opinion of the current ID situation three students feel the same way.

Tiera Whalum said, “I would like to change our IDs because we change the way we look and the way we dress. You cannot tell it’s us from the picture.”

Loren Walls said she feels that students should be notified before taking their picture at registration.  “I feel its terrible,” she said. “I wasn’t ready. I should have been notified at freshman orientation so I could have been beautiful.”

Azalynn Robinson says she was ready to take her picture. “I wasn’t at registration so I was prepared and I still look the same.”