Sagging Pants: Fashion statement or just plain degrading?

Male students' sagging pants stirs ire of females, teachers, and employers

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Sagging Pants: Fashion statement or just plain degrading?

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Male pants-sagging supposedly originated in prison. According to rumors and legends, some men would get so skinny because they had been incarcerated for so long that their pants would literally fall off of their behinds. Other men are believed to have seen this and figured it was cool, especially those males who considered themselves macho or tough.

Many young boys at Rich Central High School wear their pants below their waist. Do they know what it actually stands for, or do they just follow the crowd?

“If my boyfriend were sagging, I would tell him to pull his pants up because that looks so tacky and no one will think that’s professional,” said sophomore Kalisha Fields.

Donte Simental, a sophomore male, claims he wears his clothes is how he wants too. “It’s jus the way I wear my clothes,” he states.

When Donte goes for a job interview he believes that if he were to wear his pants the way he wears them now, he would not be hired. “I would want to look my best,” he continues, “so they [the company] will hire me.”

This unorthodox fashion statement also leaves teachers speechless.

Ms. May, a French teacher, says that people only try to wear their pants like that because they either are followers or think it is comfortable.

“I think they sag their pants because for one, they could be following the crowd,” says Ms. May, “but most boys tell me it is comfortable.”

How could we stop this new fashion style? Ms.May says, “I think the power lies with the women. If girls stop giving them attention or dating the ones that do sag, maybe then they will learn that sagging is not cute.”

Coach Alexander, sophomore dean and head varsity football coach, believes that the way people wear their pants now is probably one of the most degrading fashion movements.

“I don’t get too many students in my office for that, but telling the boys to pull up their pants up is the biggest part of my day,” says Coach Alexander.

When pressed about the consequences for sagging one’s pants, Coach Alexander states, “Detentions and zip-ties. If we give you a zip-tie and you take it off, a detention will be issued.”