RCHS basketball is gonna’ like the way they look

Boys b-ball team dresses for success on game days

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It is basketball season and the RCHS boys basketball teams are dressing in a very professional manner.

Young men in high school and even older men in the NBA dress up wearing suits and ties before games to put their best foot forward and also to show respect to others at away games.

“I think dressing up is excellent because it teaches us discipline,” says Marcus Smith, a sophomore student on the varsity basketball team.

Donte Simental, a sophomore player, says, “It makes us look like more of a team.”

The way that the boy basketball team dresses now could help them out in college as well because many college teams are expected to dress professionally before games.

Varsity basketball head coach Bobby Smith says, “I think that kids like to look good and feel good before their game. Also, sports is not just a game; it helps you with life.”

What do the boys have to do if they don’t dress?

“The boys that don’t dress don’t play or even get to get on the bus if we have an away game. It is important to do what the team does,” says Coach Smith.

The boys also have a specific dress code. Coach Smith states,”I like them to have on slacks, ties, no gym shoes, and to be buttoned up. Sometimes they wear their warm-up suits, or we like to match if we go to the Big Dipper tourney.”

“I believe dressing up before a game shows great representation of the team and it makes us stand out,” says Anthony Burton, a male student on the freshman basketball team.

Anthony also says that if they didn’t dress before a game it’ll probably show a negative message to their audience. “They would think we are an unorganized, unprofessional team in my opinion,” he says.

Ms. Baker, the school’s Media Center director states, “Dressing for basketball is very professional. It makes a statement, it sets standards, and the NBA does it, so it’s a way of getting them prepared for the future.”