Forget My Life

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Created by Jazmyne Bledsoe

Created by Jazmyne Bledsoe

When it comes down to parent-teacher conferences there are various scenarios that can happen to you. Here’s a few…

Scenario 1: The Perfect Student

The perfect student is loved by all of their teachers and gets good grades.

Teacher: “Oh my gosh, your son/daughter is just so great! S/he does all of the homework, passes every test, and is just so wonderful. You have done so well because your child is just a joy to have.”

This of course makes your parents’ ego super big. They start to believe that they are the only reason for your success. Then they start to brag about it to their friends like it’s a competition!

Your parent’s friend would say, “My baby got all A’s and B’s! I’m so proud.” In your parents’ head they’re probably like, I’m about to blow their kid out the way. Then your parents would say, “Well my child got all A’s, is a captain, a top athlete, and is involved in many clubs! Boom!”

Then your parents say good-bye and walk away leaving the other parents looking at their child like why can’t you be like that.

And in your head you’re thinking my lowest grade is a B, yet they still find something wrong with me! Parents these days.

Scenario 2: The Slacker

The slacker is the student that will catch the wrath of their parent because their grades are so terrible.

Teacher: “Your child doesn’t turn in homework, jokes around in class, and talks the entire time I’m teaching, and fails their test and quizzes. I don’t know what to do at this point.”

While looking at you with a death glare your parent says, “Well that won’t be a problem anymore. We’re going to fix that right away.”

Your mom and/or dad talk to the rest of your teachers and discover the same problem, so you get it from your parents.

They threaten your life, they yell at you, chase you down if you try to run, take your phone, and ground you until the end of time! Your parent’s fury at you is like Pandora’s Box being opened all over again. You can’t do anything after this.

Scenario 3: The Teacher is Lying

Some students have a friendship with their parents, so this plays in their favor. No matter what the teacher tells the parent, they will not believe them; they will believe their child.

Teacher: “You child is the most ill-mannered student I’ve had in my seven years of teaching. All your child does is mock me, harass me, ask dumb questions, doesn’t pay attention, and disrupts class every single day.”

Parent: “I know my child, and my child doesn’t act like that. So, whatever issues you think you are having with my child, get them out of your head.” Your parent gets up, walks away, and asks you, “What was the teacher talking about?”

Student: “I don’t even know but that teacher is lying! I have done nothing wrong, but she always gets on my case about every little thing. I can sneeze and she gets an attitude with me!”

Parent: “Okay.”

In your head you’re thinking I dodged a bullet! Success!

Author’s Note: Comment if any of these scenarios fit you, or if you want me to write a scenario about your Forget My Life moment.