Snowball I: Seek Your Super Power


Tyra Triche

Junior Lindsay Moorer and Mr. Grimaldi love Snowball.

Everyone in District 227 should go to Snowball, including both staff and students. This year Snowball I will be held February 27 to March 2. Snowball costs $95 and the applications are due by Friday, February 14, and it is worth every penny.

Snowball is a weekend retreat. Students are able to be themselves, meet new people, hear from amazing speakers, watch great skits, and participate in small groups. The food is really good as well!

Many have walked away saying that Snowball was life-changing and was one of the best weekends of their lives.

Lindsay Moorer is a Snowball student director and has been active in the program since her freshman year. She said that Snowball “helped her to open up more” and to “stop being so quick to judge people.” She says that people should go to Snowball because “it is a great experience” and you can “see things from a different perspective and learn things about yourself.”

Mr. Grimaldi, a history teacher at Rich Central, says that being an adult staff member for Snowball has been “the highlight of his career.”

Snowball is all-around a wonderful program and everyone should experience it when given the chance to.