Emmett Lynch: Rich Central’s rising football star

Central's Lynch Division I bound, signs with NIU Huskies

Emmett Lynch is a Senior varisty football player. He has made all-conference in the area all four years and is now heading off to play for Division I’s Northern Illinois University.

“All-conference is basically being the most impressive player in all of the south suburbs. They chose me all 4 years because of the stats I would put up every game,” Lynch says.

Lynch also says that he did not start football because someone introduced it to him, but because none of his other brothers play any sport but basketball.  “I introduced football to myself,” Lynch says, “because I come from a family of basketball players and it feels good to accomplish something bigger with a different sport.”

All-conference usually chooses the best player at their position throughout the conference. Lynch thinks that they picked him all four years because of his organized work skills on the field. “I believe that they chose me each year because I kept getting better at what I do, because of my work-ethic, my ambition, and my talent.”

After the meeting with the coach of NIU’s Huskies, Lynch feels honored to be able to play with the team, saying, “It’s a humbling experience because not everyone gets the chance to play Division I football.”

“Actually, I didn’t know I was going to be recruited. NIU came and offered me a spot on signing day, which was a huge blessing,” Lynch says.

Lynch also says that it’s always has been a dream of his to play big time college football. “It’s always been a huge dream of mine to play college football. I’ve always wanted to play on national TV with at least 25,000+ fans in the stadium watching the work I have been putting in for years on end.”