2019-2020 Staff

Andriana Williams

Senior Staff Writer

Hola! My name is Andriana Williams, and I am 17 years old. I am currently a Senior at Rich Central High School. This year during newspaper, I will review movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other types of films. In my spare time,...

Joaquin Pia

Staff Writer

My name is Joaquin Pia, but you may know me as Jalen. I am a Junior at Rich Central. My job is to be a source of entertainment for you guys. Life is about giving and receiving, as I give out a piece of myself that may influence...

Mira Riley

Staff Writer

Hey! My name is Mira Riley and I’m a junior at RC. After High School, I plan on becoming a neurologist or an EMT. I joined newspaper because, I enjoy writing about different topics that interest me.

Victoria Prom

Staff Writer

Hi I'm Victoria Prom and I am a junior at Rich Central. My favorite subject is history, and I plan on becoming a history professor when i graduate collage. I am in band, snowball, and GSA. I enjoy creating art in my spare time,...

Genesis Chambers

Staff Writer

Isaiah Jones

Staff Writer

My name is Isaiah Jones, and I am currently a Junior. My main interests are sports, music, and art. My favorite sports teams are the Chicago Bears and the Los Angeles Clippers. After high school, I plan on studying psychology,...

Tia Pitts

Staff Writer

My name is Tia Pitts, and I am a junior at Rich Central High School! To be Tia Pitts is to be honest, kind, and comically loved. I love to write anything from poems to songs to fun antidotes. I participate in DECA, Basketbal...

Niylah Edwards

Staff Writer

My name is Niylah Edwards, and I am a junior here at Rich Central. I am also in Student Council.  I would love to be a voice heard in the school, so that is why I joined newspaper! I am a varsity cheerleader ...

Anastasia Jackson

Staff Writer

My name is Anastasia Jackson, and I am a junior at Rich Central High School. I like to write stories, draw, and sometimes I take pictures, sew, dance, and paint.  I love listening to music. I plan on going to college for art, bu...

Christopher Shelton

Staff Writer

My name is Christopher Shelton, and as a junior at Rich Central High School my job is to inform all the epic gamers. A majority of the topics I’m going to talk about are some favorite games like Destiny, Sma...

Makinley Smith

Staff Writer

Hey, I’m Makinley, and I’m a junior. I’m the best gamer here at school and a three-time videogame champion. I love video games,  so I’ll write tons of content about it. If you love video game content, then I...

Jaye Kerney

Staff Writer

My name is Jaye-Nicole Kerney, and I am a junior at Rich Central High School. I love reading, as my full bookcase speaks for itself, and I am currently trying to work to improve my writing skills. After high school, I plan to go...

Sierra Smith

Staff Writer

Heyo! My name is Sierra Smith, and I’m 17 years old. This is my second year as a staff writer for The Torch! My favorite things to do are play piano, draw, and write short stories. I also write poems and personal stories. My...